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Spotlight On: Shalom Washington, Technical Apprentice

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Continuing on with our monthly 'Spotlight On' story about a member of our team, this month it's the turn of Technical Apprentice, Shalom Washington.

What Apprenticeship Scheme are you currently doing at Venture 1?

I’m on an Infrastructure Technician Level 3 apprenticeship, working as a Support Desk and DevOps Technical Apprentice

What attracted you to working at Venture 1?

I was looking through the website, and was instantly hooked after seeing ‘We don't believe in technology for technology's sake - it has to deliver real business value’. That line resonated to me because it showed that Venture 1 aren’t looking to ‘rip off’ clients, but actually aim go the extra mile to bring the best service possible; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

What sort of things do you do day-to-day at Venture 1?

I start my day with the morning IT checks, where Ollie and I look over the internal systems to make sure we’re all up and running. Then I go through any support tickets and work on my tasks on the sprint board (with a game or two of pool in-between!).

What sort of things are you hoping to learn at Venture 1?

My main career goal is to become a cyber security analyst, and since Venture 1 both manage and help clients manage their internal systems, I’m hoping to gain a much deeper knowledge of networking and effective security controls – experience that I could only gain in a company like this.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Venture 1?

Definitely the atmosphere. Work here goes beyond just a suit and tie, and you can tell that everyone really enjoys what they do. Even though I don’t have the experience that everyone else does, I’m still treated like a capable member of the team, and that feels pretty sweet.

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1 Comment

Apr 12, 2022

Wow - Shalom seems awesome! We should hear from him more😎

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