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Our Partnership with Community TechAid: Bridging the Digital Divide

Enabling sustainable access to technology and teaching the skills needed to ensure digital inclusion for all.

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Why we chose Community TechAid

As a Technical Consultancy, we have seen how essential technology has become to how public services are delivered and how necessary digital access is for the public and businesses to stay connected, learn, keep well, access help and advice, and be engaged in society.    


Thousands of South London residents are still digitally excluded to some degree. It is an issue that affects many different people, including children and young people, the elderly, disabled and vulnerable adults.


We were seeking to work with a local non-profit organisation to help facilitate the donation of hardware from our customers. Items needed to be securely wiped and then re-purposed to local residents, schools and charities.

We chose to support Community TechAid through a corporate partnership not only because of our shared values but because they were able to very easily demonstrate the impact that their service was having on our local community, as well as how much more still needed to be done.

Maxine Thurston - Sales and Marketing Director, Venture 1 Consulting

Managing Partner / Argo Energies



of a computer's lifecycle fossil fuels are consumed just by its manufacturing process.


By using donated or remanufactured devices, you can reduce unnecessary carbon emissions by up to 316kgs per device*


The Digital Divide and how Community TechAid help...

Community TechAid - Digital Divide
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The IMPACT we have made so far


of e-waste diverted from landfill that has been refurbished, reconditioned or recycled.


of CO2e emissions avoided by preventing primary material use i.e. building new electrical equipment.

We organise collections from our customers, partners and office neighbours on a regular basis, if you have any old equipment you would like to donate please contact us.

Do you have any old devices that can be loved again?
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