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As a Professional IT Services and Support company we are always seeking new ways in which we can support non profits in IT.

We envision a Great Britain where all charities can harness the full potential of technology without being encumbered by spiralling costs.

Support For Charities

For decades, ours nations' charities have placed a heavy reliance on in-person interactions for successful supporter engagement and appeals.


With digital transformation as an ever increasing provision for charities in this post-pandemic world. Now is the time to incorporate powerful IT processes and support into their operations or risk being left behind or worse - subject to security threats.

With a shift in supporter engagement operations from in-person and direct mail to digital fundraising, robust technology and support is now vital to the work Charities do. 


Venture 1 Consulting as the name suggests is a professional IT services consultancy, our exceptionally talented team have vast experience and expertise at helping organisations navigate the ever-changing technological landscape.


From staff & volunteer IT support to IT Strategy & Technical road-mapping, we can provide cost-effective IT solutions so your charity can focus on achieving excellent results on behalf of your beneficiaries.

The idea of working with

an IT company to handle

your IT infrastructure may

feel like an extravagance,

but IT is no longer a luxury.


Developing a strong IT
infrastructure for your

charity is an investment

that boosts
productivity, offers data

security, and provides the

right technical solutions

that will help your

organisation grow.

Charities support diverse

causes and need IT
support that reflects this
diversity and offers

Whether you’re looking to

secure your online

donations or need an

effective way to

communicate with your

IT solutions for non-profit 

organisations are 

diverse enough to cover it all.
You just need to pick the

right IT Support For


Venture 1 Consulting

provides IT support for

We understand the

pressure most charities

face to deliver a
high service level to

expectant stakeholders

in an increasingly

digitised world.

We also offer the
consulting services needed
to meet
stakeholder expectations

in this digitised world.

Your charity organisation

will benefit
from secure, stable, and

smooth-flowing IT solutions

to operate with ease in the
digital world. 

IT solutions should be ethical.
That means non-profit
organisations should look

for IT providers that can

deliver environmentally

responsible and

eco-friendly practices and 
ethical, IT-managed services.
That is particularly important for 
us if your organisation shares

our sustainability values. 

Our service is built

on three principles:


​Sustainable IT services are a given

Cybersecurity is the number one priority

Genuine relationships and partnerships

with our customers are vitally important


IT is having a significant impact on the charity or non-profit sector.


Thanks to digital advancements, fundraising has become more accessible, backed by improved service delivery and supported with top-notch marketing communications. But that has also paved the way for cybercrime targeting non-profit organisations. 

Non-profit IT support or IT for charities provides the IT support charities need to operate safely, securely, and reliably by eliminating or minimising the IT-related risks charities are exposed to.

Why we want to help.

Since 2000 we have strived to deliver ethical, innovative, inclusive IT to our customers,

with exceptional levels of skill, service, and quality, and in a manner that intrinsically supports sustainability, protecting the future of our wonderful planet and positive societal impact.


Venture 1 is a decent, honest, respectful, and sustainable organisation. These are values we hold dear, and we love to work with like-minded organisations that share our values of offering excellent service. 


We don’t compromise on technical solutions, and we want to bring our ethical services to the doorstep of your organisation. We’re not looking for just another client; we want to create a strong partnership that will support your organisation’s goals.

Sustainable reforestation

We offset all of our
employees’ carbon
footprints, by

planting trees through

responsible reforestation
partners and contributing
to carbon reduction
projects from around
the world.

Annual grants for Charity IT

We have also partnered
with Microsoft to deliver
their Tech For Social
Impact Programme for
Non-Profit Organisations.
This enables them to be
more productive, more
innovative, and
ultimately, to drive
greater societal impact
through free of charge or
heavily discounted cloud
solutions including
Microsoft 365,

Office 365, Power BI,
Azure, Microsoft Surface
and Volunteer Offers.

Charity partnerships

We have dedicated a lot of
time to Non Profit IT already.

For example, we have been

partnering with a local
non-profit organisation to
help facilitate the donation
of hardware from our customers.

Items are securely wiped

and then re-purposed to local

residents, schools and


SUstainable Development Goals

Venture 1 Consulting has
long been working towards
a more sustainable future.
Now, the company is
proud to announce that its
support for the United Nations
Sustainable Development
Goals has been

officially recognised by

Support the Goals,
achieving the maximum
5-Star rating

an accolade awarded to
less than 30 organisations

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