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Modern Workspace

Modern Workplace


Today’s users require secure, easy access to applications and data - irrespective of location and device. We help customers deliver just that - an agile, modern platform for today’s digital workforce.

Leveraging the Microsoft product suite, we provide users with a fresh, collaborative and highly secure environment which embraces modern working practices. Designed for a dynamic workforce and the teams that support it, it offers simplified management and administration, whilst providing a rich, unified, and consistent user experience.

Allowing secure access and data sharing, no matter where your employees are located, delivers tremendous benefits for performance and productivity, but needs careful management to ensure security and a consistent user experience. 


We help you adopt, and maximise your investment in, the following technologies:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 11

  • Microsoft 365 / Office 365  (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams)

  • Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Microsoft Intune & Configuration Manager (incorporating SCCM, Autopilot, Desktop Analytics)


We also offer a range of licencing, support and fully managed services  for customers seeking to outsource part or all of their day-to-day operational overheads.

Why not book a Professional Services Consultation for a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 Accelerator session to benchmark your current environment and expedite adoption of a modern workplace for your users.

Modern Cloud


Today’s organisations expect IT services that are agile, scalable and cost-effective, but achieving this using purely on premises data centres can present a challenge. 


The ever-evolving capabilities of the public cloud provide modern organisations with real opportunities to both deliver faster and save money.  However, the desire to leverage the flexible, on-demand services that public clouds offer requires careful balancing alongside key considerations such as data security and sovereignty constraints, and the need to continue to deliver legacy services in close proximity to their user base.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we help our clients get the best out of what Microsoft Azure has to offer, working with them to find the right mix of cloud and on premises services for their specific needs.

Cloud Migration


Are you considering a move to the public cloud? Or are you already a cloud first business seeking to maximise your current and future cloud investment? Public cloud capabilities are extensive, and the exponential rate at which they are growing can feel daunting.


Whether you’re just looking for assistance with taking those initial first steps into the cloud or seeking a full cloud migration strategy, we can help you get it right from day one.  Our cloud migration services include:

  • Cloud Migration Assessments

  • Cloud Strategy Definition

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design and Implementation


Customers seeking a simple, end-to-end licencing model are also able to make use of our Cloud Licencing Services, which offers a flexible, one stop portal through which to purchase core public cloud products and services from Azure as well as AWS, IBM and Google.


Infrastructure Transformation

Migrating your IT Infrastructure to the cloud presents customers with the ideal opportunity to reorganise, consolidate and optimise their estates. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Reducing server counts

  • Introducing or improving resilience

  • Significantly improving security

  • Creating a ‘stretch’ data centre for developing and testing new services without capital investment


We’ve helped many customers to architect and implement leaner, faster, future-proofed, more cost-effective infrastructure platforms using a full cloud or hybrid cloud model, transforming the way they deliver IT services.



Identity and Access


With data now travelling in and out of businesses on a multitude of different platforms and locations, from office-based desktops to mobile devices, the security landscape is changing rapidly. Staff now use more than one device each, work remotely and on the go, and expect to be able to access their applications and data from anywhere, often in public places. As a result, the need for robust and risk-free security solutions has never been greater.


We have extensive experience in designing secure architectures and implementing suitable technical solutions which integrate multiple technologies to provide your business with reassurance.

Specialising in the Microsoft stack, we have in-depth expertise in:

  • Active Directory/Azure Active Directory

  • Certificate Services

  • Always On VPN

  • DirectAccess

  • BitLocker

  • AppLocker

  • Defender for Identity

Modern Cloud

Business Continuity


In a 24x7 business world, the loss of systems and data is becoming ever more impactful and unacceptable. Consequently, choosing the right suite of business continuity solutions to protect the business is one of the most essential decisions today’s CIOs and IT Managers face.

We have a long and successful track record of providing strategic and architectural advice, design, implementation and testing expertise to customers seeking suitable backup and disaster recovery solutions. We help you make the right infrastructure decisions to protect your business by eradicating the risk of service loss, hardware failures, site disasters and malicious attacks


Cloud Backup


Cloud storage is relatively cheap and extremely flexible, and coupled with retention periods of many decades represents a modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional, high overhead, perishable backup media such as tapes.

We’ve helped many customers, including large public sector organisations, reduce their backup overheads by more than 80% through migrating to cloud-based backup solutions.


Cloud Disaster Recovery

Is your current DR solution costing you a fortune? Does your plan go untested for fear of disruption to production environments? Many organisations have, in reality, implemented no real DR plan at all. Using the cloud for your disaster recovery offers a flexible, fully testable, pay-as-you-go alternative to a traditional DR provision. We offer a series of DR capabilities to fit most needs:

  • DR Assessments - We can perform a DR readiness assessment on your current solution, benchmarking it against business requirements and identifying any operational risks.

  • DR Provisioning - Our consultants design, test and implement global DR provisions for both server and desktop estates. 

  • Cloud DR Managed Services - For customers seeking to outsource the entire solution, we offer DR as a Service (DRaaS).     Read more or download our Service Information sheet.

Business Continuity
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