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The charity and non-profit sector has undergone a significant digital transformation in recent years, as organisations seek to enhance their operations and better engage with supporters and beneficiaries.

Digital technologies are increasingly being used to streamline fundraising efforts, with online donations and crowdfunding becoming more prevalent. Social media platforms are also being leveraged to reach new audiences and communicate with supporters more effectively.

Developing a strong IT infrastructure for your charity is an investment that boosts productivity, offers data security and provides the right technical solutions that will grow your organisation.

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According to a report recently published by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Charities and Non-Profits are the most vulnerable sector in the UK today.

In order to operate safely, securely, and reliably by eliminating or minimising the IT-related risks charities are exposed to many are choosing to work with a trusted technology partner.

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Did you know of the 40,000 charities in the UK using Microsoft products, only approx. 2000 are taking full advantage of the FREE licenses & annual grant available?

Learn how Microsoft's Tech for Social Impact Program can help your organisation:

  • Access a wide range of grants and discounts for modern, innovative Cloud solutions

  • Be more secure and protect your organisation from CyberSecurity threats

  • Build trust with supporters, beneficiaries and employees

  • Unlock the power of your data and deliver more effective fund raising programs

  • Better know your donors and supporters

  • Secure donor and program participant data

  • Save money and cost


Why are Charities & Non-Profits adopting better Technology in 2023?

Digital technologies are being used to improve operational efficiency, with the adoption of cloud-based software solutions and automation tools enabling organisations to streamline their administrative tasks and focus more on their core mission.

There is also an increasing focus on data analytics and artificial intelligence, which enables charities and non-profits to better understand the needs of their beneficiaries and measure the impact of their programs.

Furthermore, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital tools for remote work, which has become essential for many organisations to continue operating during lockdowns and social distancing measures.

Digital transformation is enabling charities and non-profits to better engage with their supporters and beneficiaries, improve operational efficiency, and increase the impact of their programs. As digital technologies continue to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovation and transformation in this sector in the years to come.

With our highly skilled team possessing extensive experience and expertise, we specialise in assisting organisations to navigate through the constantly evolving technological landscape.


Our range of IT services includes staff and volunteer IT support, IT strategy development, and technical road-mapping, all of which are delivered in a cost-effective manner. By partnering with us, your charity can concentrate on delivering exceptional outcomes for your beneficiaries.

Digital Transformation For Non-Profits


IT Support For Non-Profits

An integral part of your journey with us is providing you with a comprehensive view of your IT environment and mapping out our findings against best practice and respected standards.

Multi-channel support, a named account manager and a lead engineer are standard service features for all customers.

We provide a fully inclusive service that is scalable and tailored to suit your organisational needs.

By avoiding business impacting failures, proactive monitoring helps to enhance service uptime and performance, enabling increased efficiency in IT operations.


We handle the setup of your users and devices, applying standard policies to ensure consistent and secure baselines for access to data and resources across the organisation.  

We adopt environmentally responsible and eco-friendly practices throughout all aspects of our service delivery.

We proactively monitor your systems for potential malicious threats and unauthorised activities and keep them up to date with critical patches.

We proactively track progress and pin-point recommended changes through regular and transparent reporting. 

Engaging an IT company to manage your IT infrastructure may seem like an indulgence, but it's no longer a luxury.

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