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Sustainable IT can no
longer be ignored...

The message from COP26 rings loud and clear for businesses across all industries: 

  • Align your business strategy to sustainability targets, and as a result you can do good for the planet and reap economic rewards.

  • Drag your feet and you’ll lose out


And to prove it, a research paper by Accenture found that companies with high ratings for ESG performance enjoyed average operating margins 3.7 times higher than those of lower ESG performers. 


Simply put, sustainability can no longer be ignored. 

As businesses seek to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment, what they find often occurs is that setting ambitious targets is easy – but delivering against them is another thing entirely. That's why we believe that deploying sustainable IT practices is one way that organisations can make a big difference quickly, because it's relatively easy to achieve...

Did you know? 


According to research by Lancaster University, when considering the full supply chain impacts and emission scopes for IT, researchers found that IT’s share of global greenhouse gas emissions is between 2.1-3.9% - that’s more than the contribution of the worldwide aviation industry, which hovers at around 2%. 


This is why with every service we provide, we work with you to make ethical and sustainable IT your foundation for supporting a sustainable world. 

Why Venture 1 Consulting? 


Because we've been there ourselves...


We’ve embarked upon our own Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability journey, supports those of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals most closely aligned to our business. And we've achieved the maximum 5-star Rating.


As a result, on top of our overall technical expertise, we can offer you insights into our own experiences that will help you navigate your business and IT practices towards your own sustainability goals. 

Autumn Forest

Start with some 'Quick Wins'

Knowing where to begin is often the hardest part...

It's easier to start by making a single, manageable change rather than trying to tackle everything from Day 1. Here are some examples of quick wins that have worked well for our customers:

  1. Clear out your cupboards. Collect all those old phones and laptops that have been gathering dust, and commit to getting them recycled, or better still repurposed and sent to a good cause.

  2. Switch on emissions tracking. Hook up emissions-tracking software to your cloud systems and record your current emissions so you have a known starting point that you chip away at reducing.

  3. Educate your users. Create a simple policy containing guidance on the sustainable use of laptops, monitors and printers, which encourages changes to end user habits like leaving equipment switched on unnecessarily. 

You can book a free IT Sustainability Assessment or an Ethical MSP Consultation to help you get started with these and more.


How We Can Help You 

We've built IT sustainability into our managed services as standard. You can leverage:

  • Jargon free sustainability advice, road-mapping, guidance and support 

  • Ethical hardware procurement through sustainable supply chains 

  • Carbon emission tracking for Microsoft Cloud Solutions (including Office 365) 

  • Carbon emissions recording and reporting tools 

  • Emissions reduction recommendations 

  • Ethical hardware recycling and re-purposing 

  • Provision of evidence-based sustainability material for Company-wide Use 



Let's do things a different way...

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