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The NHS is propelled by Information Technology.

Integrated mobile technologies and real-time communications are speeding up information sharing between healthcare providers and patients. Reliable networks enable the transportation of large volumes of data, including radiology results and high-definition imaging files.


Secure data centres are essential for meeting patient confidentiality requirements. Venture 1 Consulting has extensive experience of optimising the IT infrastructure demands of the healthcare sector.


We can help form new and exciting links with future innovations while ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.


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To enhance productivity, streamline business operations, and reduce NHS spending, we employ the appropriate technology solutions, whether it's in a local surgery or multi-site hospital. Practical and innovative solutions support measurable goals and improve competitiveness, providing the right support for the healthcare workplace, network, and data centre.

Every healthcare practitioner and clinician depends on a secure IT infrastructure to ensure patient data security and to provide flexible and reliable data, communications, and collaboration systems.

If you're a healthcare organisation in the UK seeking specialised IT consultancy to upgrade your IT infrastructure or implement a Unified Communications solution, our IT consultancy team can help.

Our IT consultancy services cover a wide range of areas, including technical project management, IT project consultancy, cloud migration, specialist IT infrastructure consultancy, cyber security, and highly strategic digital transformation services.

Professional Services For Healthcare

Managed IT Services For Healthcare

An integral part of your journey with us is providing you with a comprehensive view of your IT environment and mapping out our findings against best practice and respected standards.

Multi-channel support, a named account manager and a lead engineer are standard service features for all customers.

We provide a fully inclusive service that is scalable and tailored to suit your organisational needs.

By avoiding business impacting failures, proactive monitoring helps to enhance service uptime and performance, enabling increased efficiency in IT operations.

We handle the setup of your users and devices, applying standard policies to ensure consistent and secure baselines for access to data and resources across the organisation.  

We adopt environmentally responsible and eco-friendly practices throughout all aspects of our service delivery.

We proactively monitor your systems for potential malicious threats and unauthorised activities and keep them up to date with critical patches.

We proactively track progress and pin-point recommended changes through regular and transparent reporting. 

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