About Us

Venture 1 Consulting was established in London in 2000, and has been helping businesses deliver innovation and efficiencies through the use of fit-for-purpose technology solutions ever since.




Our Story

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake – it has to deliver real business value. And our ever growing, loyal customer base sees us not just as competent technical experts but as strategic partners in helping them realise their IT strategies and business visions.


What We Do

Venture 1 Consulting helps businesses to scale quickly, improve agility, get more mobile and reduce the cost of IT ownership through the effective implementation of both cloud and on premise technologies.


We act as trusted partners to our customers, helping them to get more out of their existing IT as well as leveraging new technologies to achieve innovative advantage over their competitors.  We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer loyalty.


Our Mission

Our sole aim is to deliver value to our customers in the form of cost-effective, innovative technology solutions that enable their businesses to fly.

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Our Values


Honesty is sadly a quality often missing in business. We always behave in an honest, up-front, transparent manner. That way our customers know where they stand, what to expect, and when to expect it. And most importantly, they trust us.

We work hard to ensure that both our technical and          non-technical skills are not only fully current and up-to-date, but of an exceptionally high standard.  We aim to constantly remain a step ahead in excellence. It’s not sufficient to be average – average is for others.


We believe that if you love what you do, you’re generally more committed and you do a better job. We enjoy the work we do, and we believe we give our customers and ourselves the best deal possible as a result.  And the day we don’t enjoy it anymore, we’ll stop doing it.  After all, what’s life about if it’s not fun


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‘The professionalism and attention to detail from Venture 1 Consulting is fantastic. Their experience in technology is fantastic and very broad. They’re always very knowledgeable and helpful in terms of resolving our issues as quickly as possible, and they understand what’s important – that comes across whenever they deliver critical projects for us. There hasn’t been a time when we’ve been to Venture 1 with a project and they haven’t been able to assist’.

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In 2001 Mark Thurston joined Venture 1 Consulting as Managing Director. Mark has spent over 20 years in IT (over 30 if you include his ZX81!), and is motivated by high standards of excellence in technical solution design and delivery. Mark has directed the company to sustained profitability and a continually expanding customer portfolio.



Gideon Holdway joined Venture 1 Consulting in 2005. Gideon brings to the company over 15 years experience in Microsoft infrastructure technology. Gideon also has extensive knowledge of VMware and Citrix virtualisation technologies and specialises in technical transformations to address business requirements.