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Microsoft 365 Adoption

If you are trying to find ways of upgrading your business's IT infrastructure, then there are many avenues you can take. One of the best is to migrate it to a cloud-based platform such as Microsoft 365 using Microsoft 365 migration services. M365 can help you manage all your emails, data and other applications and streamline everything onto one platform. This can benefit your business in many ways, from being a cost-effective solution with more security embedded into it, to making things simpler and faster. If you are looking for ways to improve your business, then you should look at ways to migrate to cloud platforms like M365.

Why Migrate to Microsoft 365?

As the digital revolution progresses, there is a greater and greater need to utilise platforms which allow you to streamline and enhance your IT infrastructure. Microsoft 365 is a good choice as it offers a wide range of benefits. Below are a few reasons why you should migrate to M365:

Access and Flexibility

By migrating to Microsoft 365, your employees will be able to access company files when they are away from the office, even without a VPN. Your staff will be able to work remotely, anywhere. This offers great access capabilities and flexibility. This can ultimately enhance your productivity levels. Microsoft 365 offers you a single data source too, which is great for file sharing as everyone will be able to see the most recent file as soon as it is altered.

Cloud-based Storage

Microsoft 365 provides you with cloud-based storage. All you need is an internet connection to solve issues with

data storage and management and look at all the data you need.

Seamless Integration

If you are utilising other Microsoft products, including OneDrive, you will find that the integration to Microsoft 365 is seamless. This allows you to keep all your productivity tools together in the same place. 


Like most Microsoft products, you are provided with automatic updates. As long as you have a valid subscription, you will always have access to the latest software.

Why choose us for Microsoft 365 Adoption?

If you are planning to adopt Microsoft 365, you are going to need some help. At Venture 1 Consulting, we can provide you with all the help you need. Here are a few reasons to use our services:

Team of Experts.

We are experienced in migrating businesses to cloud-based solutions and have successfully moved hundreds of clients via seamless Microsoft 365 Adoption.

Customised solutions.

It is important that each client has their individual needs met. To do this, we consult with our clients and discuss all their unique preferences. We then do a thorough investigation of the existing infrastructure before creating any migration plan. Our services can be tailored to meet the requirements of every organisation.

Ongoing support.

No company will be left in the lurch; planning and executing the Microsoft 365 Adoption is one step. Once this has been done, you will have access to our team, which provides ongoing support after your migration is complete. We are happy to help and answer all your questions and queries.

If you are ready to Adopt Microsoft 365, then contact us today on 020 3855 0203

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