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Azure Migration

The digital revolution is an ongoing process. There are many complexities and nuances that need to be ironed out. One of those issues is the fact that, for most businesses, data, applications and IT infrastructure are captured and stored in multiple locations. This can cause many issues, from poor performance to data corruption and wasting space, all of which costs you money. To combat this, it makes good business sense to take all data and store it in one location. Azure is one of the solutions to this issue. Azure is a cloud computing platform that harnesses global data storage centres. Azure migration is the process whereby a company transfers all its data and associated IT infrastructure to Azure. This process offers the user a multitude of benefits, such as flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Below are some reasons why you would choose our Azure migration services for your business.


With Venture 1, you are benefitting from a team of professionals who are Azure-certified experts. Between us, we have many years of experience in providing Azure cloud migration services. We have successfully migrated hundreds of businesses to Azure.


Every customer is different with individual and unique requirements. We make it a priority to understand all your needs by discussing this with you first. We then develop a customised migration plan catered especially for you. We ensure that it ticks all your boxes before it is signed off.

What we Offer

When we discuss the migration process with you, we will go through all the steps and work out how best our service can attend to your needs. The migration process has many facets:


Migration assessment and planning. During this phase we will do a thorough investigation into your IT infrastructure and determine what exactly needs to be migrated to Azure before we develop a workable plan. The plan will include a timeline of events, the scope and scale of the migration and all the resources required for the migration.


Application modernisation and migration - prior to migration, we will configure your existing infrastructure and update and modernise it as needed.


Data migration to Azure - this is where the data is actually relocated to Azure - this is the time when the running of the business will be affected. We will create workarounds to minimise any disruption.


Infrastructure migration - Infrastructure migration to Azure involves transferring your entire infrastructure to the Azure platform. This process ensures improved scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. With careful planning and execution, we will seamlessly migrate your infrastructure to Azure, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the benefits of cloud technology.


Cloud optimisation and management - once the migration has taken place, there may be some tasks that have to be completed to ensure that everything is running optimally.


We are Cost-Effective

Customers want value for money, so our migration solutions are made to be highly cost-effective. You are guaranteed to receive the best ROI with us.  

Minimal Downtime

We understand that a migration service can be quite detrimental to the working of your business. This is why our solutions are designed to reduce the amount of downtime to minimal levels. Interruptions are kept to the absolute minimum. 

Ongoing Support

We do not leave you high and dry. After we have completed the migration service, we offer all our customers ongoing support. If there are any issues, we are there to provide support and help with the whole transition process. 

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