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Spotlight On 'Revisited': Oliver Ward, Technical Apprentice

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Last month we shared with you what fantastic progress Shalom, one of our technical apprentices, has made over the last 10 months. This time around, it’s the turn of Ollie to share his first 10 months with Venture 1!

Chargeable Work Experience

Ollie has most recently been doing some analysis and investigation into a GDPR run book, which automatically deletes GDPR data. From his investigations, he has been able to suggest recommendations for a current client of Venture 1’s. Like Shalom, this is one of Ollie's first pieces of chargeable work for a customer, which has been brilliant experience for him and great benefit to the client in question.


Ollie has also been enhancing his scripting capabilities, as well as carrying out internal tasks to help improve our own applications and processes. One of these tasks has been to clear space in an Azure Storage Account table, which has involved creating a script to filter out certain rows and entries in a table. That script is then incorporated into an automated process, backing up the table on a weekly basis with the required deletions taking place so that whatever needs to be cleared out can be achieved.

Ollie has been polishing up on his pool skills on the office table and has hugely improved since first joining the Venture 1 Team. Just the other week he beat Matt, our current reigning office champion (albeit just the once!).

In recent months, Ollie has also been given the opportunity to work on a variety of external projects. This has enabled him to expand the scope of what he is able to do and been an enjoyable experience learning new and different environments.

If you'd like to find out more about our Apprenticeship Schemes, like HERE.

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