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Spotlight On: Oliver Ward, Technical Apprentice

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Continuing on with our monthly 'Spotlight On' story about a member of our team, this month it's the turn of Technical Apprentice, Oliver Ward.

What Apprenticeship scheme are you currently doing at Venture 1?

Level 3 Infrastructure Technician.

What attracted you to working at Venture 1?

I was attracted to Venture 1 as it is a business that doesn’t inherit the typical corporate environment. The Venture 1 office offers amazing facilities and is also located in close proximity to a London tube station, allowing for convenient travel.

What sort of things do you do day-to-day at Venture 1?

On a daily basis at Venture 1, I serve as internal support for other members of the team, perform daily systems checks, as well as on-boarding new devices on to our systems.

What sort of things are you hoping to learn at Venture 1?

At Venture 1, I am hoping to gain a broader knowledge of the IT sector, ranging from the type of software used to the configuration of company networks. In addition, I wish to gain a deeper understanding of networking, cloud services, and security.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Venture 1?

I really enjoy the independent working style of troubleshooting problems, allowing me to explore a wide variety of topics, while also having the support available from other qualified agents.

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