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Spotlight On: Kickstarting your Career at with an Apprenticeship at Venture 1

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Charlie Heels joined Venture 1 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, straight out of Sixth Form, with zero marketing experience. He stayed for over 7 years.

We miss Charlie hugely, both professionally and personally. During his tenure, he acquired a wide range of digital marketing skills, through a combination of formal training and significant exposure to hands on learning opportunities. He looked after all social media channels, rebuilt our website, coordinated our rebrand, launched our newsletter, produced podcasts, evolved our marketing database, and much more. He also looked after company social activities.

The skills Charlie learnt equipped him for his next career step, and meant he impressed his new employer in comparison to other candidates with more theoretical 'on paper' experience.

Our investment in apprentices is core to who we are at Venture 1, as our Investors In Apprentices accreditation validates, and we're proud of what Charlie achieved with us. But what did he think of his time at Venture 1? Listen below to find out...

To enquire about career opportunities at Venture 1, please contact us.

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