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Making the office an attractive place to be again…

The post-pandemic world has left so many businesses struggling to attract staff back into the office again on a regular basis. Yet it’s a widely accepted view that spending face-to-face time interacting with colleagues leads to a more cohesive and productive environment. It’s no different here at Venture 1!

We appreciate that a hybrid balance of working in the office combined with some working from home is becoming the new norm. We're a technology company, and elements of what we do require concentration and focus that working from home can sometimes support better. But there are so many other aspects of what we do that benefit hugely from in-person collaboration and the dynamic sharing of ideas. And to achieve this, now that we're able to, that means coming into the office regularly.

This represents a change to the enforced 'wfh' working pattern that so many if us had to get used to during the pandemic, and we recognise that people need time to adjust to it. So we've put our heads together and implemented a few things to help make the transition for the Venture 1 Team easier (and nicer!).

Treat Thursdays

Every Thursday, we treat those in the office to something that they can enjoy together.

People suggest ideas and we try to mix things up so that every week is different. Pastries, fruit and fried chicken have already featured, but the incredible doughnuts from Doughnut Time have definitely been the most 'wow'!

The Monthly 'Fridge Drop'

Each month we fill the office fridge with the Venture 1 Team's favourite fruit, snacks, treats and drinks, for them to help themselves to throughout the month ahead.

Office Socials with Town Halls

Instead of heading out, we've switched our monthly socials to be office-based. We kick them off with an informal Town Hall to update everyone on key information, and then we all down tools and relax together with drinks and snacks over games of pool, cards, 'Pass the Pigs', and very competitive Nintendo battles!

A bit of greenery...

Sustainability is huge for us at Venture 1, and we've just ordered a batch of plants from the wonderful Covent Garden Plants to both brighten up the office and help offset some of our carbon emissions. Win-win!

We'll be continuingly evolving our office experience, so check back periodically to see what we've been up to...

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