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Get Ready for: Microsoft Copilot For Security

As the inaugural generative AI security product, Copilot for Security represents an exciting milestone in the way organisations utilise AI. It signifies Microsoft’s ongoing investment in new, cutting-edge technologies and after a year in testing, Copilot for Security is available to the world from the 1st of April 2024. Below, we explore what it is and how it can elevate cyber security to the next level.


What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Copilot for Security is a chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Microsoft’s own security model. It’s tailored for IT analysts and security professionals. By posing natural language questions to Copilot, they can receive actionable insights to common IT issues. It can assist IT and security teams to:

• Analyse threats and malicious scripts.

• Formulate hunting queries to detect dangers.

• Resolve incidents accurately with precise guidance.

• Adhere to best practice for device configuration, including verifying they meet policy.

• Generate, test, and summarise access policies.

• Identify data and user risks within the IT network, such as outdated devices.

• Comprehend when and why multi-factor authentication has been triggered for users.

• Create incident reports for internal dissemination.

Copilot for Security also incorporates custom promptbooks to save useful prompts, knowledge base integration, and user reporting to understand how staff utilise Copilot.


How does it work?

Copilot for Security is informed by the 78 trillion+ security signals processed by Microsoft every day. When coupled with language models, this enables it to provide specific, security-focused advice to users. When the user submits a prompt (usually a question or command), Copilot analyses the context and devises a plan to execute. It then gathers the required data and analyses it to provide insight. The context and data analysis are amalgamated and formatted to deliver a response to the user.


Copilot for Security can be employed as a standalone security product to furnish broader context and support for any incidents. However, it also integrates with Microsoft’s existing security products to enhance the user experience of familiar tools.

Here’s how it helps with Microsoft core security solutions:

  • Microsoft Defender XDR: Summarise incidents, gain actionable insights and speed up complex threat hunting.

  • Microsoft Entra: Explore suspicious sign-ins and activity, find policy gaps and guide admins through incident investigations.

  • Microsoft Intune: Respond to threats faster, apply targeted tactics to improve outcomes and develop compliant policies.

  • Microsoft Purview: Increase visibility across systems and review the accuracy of your compliance policies.

  • Microsoft Sentinel: Collect security data and correlate alerts with intelligent analysis.

  • Unified security operations platform: Assess and summarise emerging threats while supporting analysts through advanced tasks.

It can also work alongside non-Microsoft products you may use in your organisation. A list of providers Copilot integrates with can be viewed here.

How does it benefit businesses?

Copilot for Security offers significant advantages for businesses of all sizes and types. These include:

Enhancing team skills: Copilot offers practical, detailed guidance through complex security tasks, such as incident investigation. Consequently, internal skills are honed. Even junior staff can execute critical security tasks, freeing up senior employees for strategic work.

Uncovering more risks than ever before: With access to vast data signals, Copilot enhances visibility of the threats facing your business. This enables the anticipation of potential attacks, facilitating proactive measures before any damage occurs.

Protection against targeted attacks: Gain crucial insights into potential cyber risks, allowing for a swifter response to incidents and heightened security measures.

Furthermore, Copilot for Security has already demonstrated proven success. During Microsoft studies, it was found that users were 26% faster and 44% more accurate across tasks when utilising Copilot. This underscores significant productivity and efficiency benefits for businesses. 93% of users also expressed a desire to utilise Copilot again, indicating that it’s a tool your staff will genuinely appreciate.


How is Copilot for Security licensed?

Copilot for Security is licensed on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it accessible to businesses regardless of size or budget. This approach also means you can commence immediately and scale usage as you begin to discover Copilot’s functionality and security benefits.


Are you Read for Copilot for Security?

If you’re considering deploying Copilot for Security or wish to learn more about Microsoft’s AI functionality across its products, we’re here to assist. Our team possess a deep understanding of the latest Microsoft innovations, including Copilot for Security.

With our Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness Assessment and Deployment Service, we can evaluate your current environment and coupled with workshop interactions allows us to draft a recommendations document highlighting your organisation's readiness for the introduction of Copilot for Security.

The assessment outcome will encompass an evaluation of your infrastructure readiness, technical requirements, security landscape, Copilot deployment plan, and training plan to educate staff and stakeholders on the most effective way of utilising the product.

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