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  • Phillip Lotter

Opinion Piece, Phillip Lotter - Senior Consultant: Enhancing Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management

Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management serves as Microsoft Intune’s counterpart to traditional third-party patch management systems.

In a landscape where routine security updates for Windows, Office, .NET, and Server operating systems are standard, it's crucial not to overlook the necessity of keeping all other applications current within your environment. This includes essential software like Java, Google Chrome, Firefox, Zoom, Notepad++, and 7Zip, among others. Various reports highlight the substantial risks associated with outdated third-party software, with figures ranging from 60% to as high as 90% in attributing security breaches to vulnerabilities in these older versions.

This is precisely where Microsoft's Intune Enterprise Application Management steps in, presenting a cloud-native solution for third-party patching needs, now publicly accessible.

Key Advantages:

  • Simplified application management through direct access to the Intune console's catalogue, enabling swift addition and updates of applications within your ecosystem.

  • Streamlined creation of updated application versions as they become available in the catalogue.

  • Intune automates numerous application installation intricacies, such as installation commands, timing, restart behaviours, and return codes, significantly reducing the burden on IT teams for application packaging and testing.

Cost and Licensing:

Presently, Intune Enterprise Application Management can be added for an additional £1.64 to an existing Intune Plan 1 license. Intune Plan 1 is bundled with subscriptions to various Microsoft 365 plans and is available standalone for £6.60 per user per month. Alternatively, it's inclusive with the Microsoft Intune Suite at £8.20 per user per month.


Microsoft's entry into a competitive market acknowledges the established presence of companies like Ivanti, Patch My PC, and SolarWinds, which have long provided third-party patching solutions. However, the integration of a cloud-native solution into Intune is poised to meet the needs of many users. While the current catalogue may be limited, Microsoft's reputation suggests rapid expansion. Additionally, users can request additions to the catalogue.

While solutions like Ivanti and Patch My PC extend beyond Intune, integrating with on-premises systems like SCCM, Microsoft appears to prioritize its cloud offerings.

In essence, Intune Enterprise Application Management addresses a long-standing need for native third-party patch management solutions. Although it may have ground to cover, it marks an essential step forward. I eagerly anticipate Microsoft's continued advancements in this area.

For assistance with Intune Enterprise Application Management or other third-party patching queries, feel free to contact Venture 1 Consulting.

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