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Venture 1 Partners with Circular Computing

Since our inception we’ve firmly held the belief that the most fundamental aspect of a relationship between two companies is the vision both have for their businesses.

This is precisely why at Venture 1 Consulting we have always sought to work with organisations who aren’t just about the bottom line, but those who share our ideals and wish to unite in genuinely strategic partnerships.

We have always been strong proponents for more sustainable practices within our clients' IT departments and one way they can make a huge difference is by rethinking how they procure IT hardware. Our observation has been that the demand for new kit is not driven by real need but often from false perceptions of needing or wanting the latest makes and models.

That’s why we have partnered with Circular Computing to offer our clients an alternative to “New”.


Circular Computing exists to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to procure Enterprise Grade IT.

If you work for an organisation that wants to reduce its carbon footprint, then committing to a sustainable IT procurement strategy will make a significant contribution towards your ESG goals, without compromising IT requirements.

Through its BSI certified remanufacturing process, Circular Computing can deliver premium-brand, second-user products that look and perform like new, for a fraction of price, all whilst ensuring carbon-neutral processes and end products.

Find out how much CO2 your organisation could save by procuring remanufactured laptops here and if you are interested in learning more about decarbonising your IT estate schedule a quick call with us here.

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