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Spotlight on: Matt Russell - Project Management Apprentice

What attracted you to applying for an apprenticeship at Venture 1? I was initially attracted due to the success stories of the many other apprentices Venture 1 has successfully taken on over the years. It was reassuring to know that the company had experience in not only training apprentices but incorporating them into the fabric of the company and putting faith in their abilities. After reading further about the company, its philosophies and high standard of work, I decided it would be foolish of me to not make joining Venture1 my sole pursuit.

What do you hope to achieve during your first 6 months at Venture 1? I would hope to become a core team member - involved in delivering many successful, high quality projects whilst really getting to know everyone I work with. I hope to also be doing well with regards to the learning side of my apprenticeship and making strides towards becoming a fully qualified junior project manager!

What’s your impression of working at Venture 1 so far? I expected a room full of wonderfully talented, genius tech nerds - and that is exactly what I was greeted with! A genuinely close-knit team of interesting people with equally interesting music tastes, whom have made me feel welcomed and part of the team from day one. I have been pleasantly surprised by how involved I have been in projects, and I have been enjoying getting up to speed on the various engagements whilst getting to know my fellow colleagues and customers in the process.


  • Dinner - Pork Schnitzel with mushroom gravy

  • Drink - La Chouffe Blonde

  • Film - Cool Running's or Apocalypse Now

  • Book - Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician

  • Brand - Pleasures

  • Emoji:

If you could invite anyone round for dinner, who would it be?

Gino D'Acampo, who I will lead to believe I am a fairly incompetent cook (this will not take much convincing) so he takes over and prepares the meal in an entertaining fashion. I would also invite two of my favourite artists: Aurora and Bladee. As they make radically different music, I will try sow the seeds of a potential collab (which would never happen organically) over some wine and a lovely dish cooked up by Gino.

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