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Pause for Thought: Resource or Outsource?

In the latest Episode of our IT Managed Services Miniseries we referred to the Gartner Talent Planning Survey*. That pointed to expected increases in IT staffing levels to support growth in Digital Transformation initiatives.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the highest of these listed was in the area of Security and only just at the time of writing this newsletter this popped up on our radar! indicating that as many as 10 million customers or about 40% of Australia’s entire population had personal data stolen in what was called a cyber-attack!

We also picked up on the next highest areas, Analytics and Workflow Automation as well as Integration (APi’s) and Cloud Platforms which were close behind. Having attended BigData London recently, we can certainly attest to these being in great demand and generating lots of interest – it was packed!

Believe it or not, in most cases it's a good idea to outsource IT tasks and functions to someone who can do them better, faster, cheaper than you, so if you need access to or support from an experienced IT Managed Services Provider and Consultancy with knowledge and experience in all of these areas please contact us here:


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