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IT Managed Services Deconstructed

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Welcome to our brand new miniseries, covering all things IT Managed Service Provider (IT MSP). If you’re a business already using an IT MSP, or you’re considering doing so, this series is for you...
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Why did we decide to create an MSP miniseries?

‘As a service’ is a hugely popular way to consume IT these days, and it’s available for pretty much any aspect of IT that businesses want to use. As a result (unsurprisingly), there are a lot of IT Managed Service Providers out there to choose from, with a huge number of different services offerings.


Services range from providing simple support for a specific application through to fully outsourced IT departments. But knowing what kind of services, if any, make sense for your business can sometimes take some unpicking.


We want to help businesses wade through the treacle of acronyms and offerings and crystalise in their minds exactly what they actually need. We also want to highlight the must-have elements of a service, and the pitfalls to watch out for when selecting a provider.   

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What We'll
Be Covering...

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Throughout the series, we’ll be covering a wide array of MSP topics, ranging from:

  • The pros and cons of opting for an IT MSP

  • The usual suspects (such as break-fix support, proactive monitoring and service levels)

  • The new non-negotiables (such as security and sustainability)

  • The value-adds (such as strategic stewardship and technical road-mapping)

  • The boring yet important bits (such as contract lengths, service credits etc.)

We be delivering content using a selection of different modes, including:

  • Videos

  • Downloadable factsheets

  • Infographics

  • Bite-sized emails

  • Podcasts

  • Interactive surveys and quizzes


... and much more. Our aim is to engage our audience and provide content to suit all preferences, but without losing consistency across each topic covered.

How We'll 
Bring You The Content

Stay up to date with the latest episodes of our MSP Miniseries

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Our Credentials

Most IT MSPs start off as MSPs, and as their client bases expand, they begin to morph into providing consultancy too, upgrading their skills as they learn.


Our story is the opposite.


Our roots are as a consultancy full of hugely talented, highly skilled consultants, with our fingers on the strategic pulse, working (generally) for large organisations. We’ve always been complimented frequently on our flexibility, adaptability, and exceptional levels of service.


So we decided to pour those credentials into providing a range of IT Managed Services for organisations of all sizes, built on our core values and genuinely putting our customers first. Because of our background, that means that we can support even the smallest of organisations, helping them to operate their IT affordably and sustainably, and with a ‘large company mentality’.

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