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Does it really matter if your IT Managed Service Provider isn't local to you?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Organisations without a team of trained IT staff or the time to manage device management or support services often choose to outsource to an IT managed service provider given that there are plenty of advantages in doing so.

Businesses have often been known to lean towards working with local organisations, stating their reasons for this being faster response times, a personalised service or even on-site presence.

However, since the outbreak of COVID19, remote and hybrid working is increasingly becoming the norm for businesses, with several studies indicating an increase in employee productivity, job satisfaction and physical health which is no less true of the IT support industry.

Taking into account agreed SLA’s, support ticketing systems, account specialist enterprise-grade tools, virtual meetings and automation, almost all of the services IT Managed Service Providers offer can be delivered with exceptional service levels, remotely.

The traditional MSP model of on-site presence of IT Support engineers is now becoming far less prominent as a result of two main drawbacks.

Cost & Availability

It is costly to pay for a dedicated engineer to be onsite for the day and often takes advanced planning which cannot be reliably scheduled for random break fix issues that occur. “Emergency” call-outs are often considerably more expensive and in both scenarios there are travel costs to consider.

In addition to this, on-site engineers have a limited number of issues they can fix in any business day, if several users have issues, the engineer will almost certainly not be able to resolve everything immediately. Taking this into account and the possibility of disruption in the availability of onsite service due to annual leave, with no alternative staff versed in your systems and processes – many organisations are now seeking to work with an organisation that offers a more flexible service.

Helpdesk Support Model

Choosing an IT Managed Service Provider that offers 24/7/365 support can only be achieved by working with an MSP that offers a Helpdesk.

The immediate benefits are that it is simply less expensive to access a helpdesk service than it is to pay for an onsite support service. Remote Helpdesks don’t require travel to site and most importantly, Helpdesks can deal with multiple users issues at anytime and in anyway.

In addition to this, a Helpdesk service has access to a larger talent pool of engineers providing multiple layers of knowledge, experience and expertise across the UK.

In conclusion, it makes business sense to mitigate your IT risk by adopting a Helpdesk Support model. or even a hybrid of both.

At Venture 1 Consulting, we are able to offer both Helpdesk and Onsite Support. We also provide CIOaaS that enables Advanced IT and Financial Strategy services without the higher cost of onsite travel or internal hiring.

If you would like to lean more about how an IT MSP could create operational and financial efficiencies within your organisation, please book yourself a 30 minute discovery call.

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