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What Is Fully Managed IT Services?

Fully managed IT services provide businesses the opportunity to outsource both IT infrastructure and management to a third-party company. They provide companies with peace of mind that every aspect of IT is managed and handled professionally. Venture 1 has experience providing IT infrastructure solutions to companies in a wide range of industries. The company has been operating in London since 2000. This blog explains in detail what fully managed IT services are, what to expect from them, and the benefits such a service can provide.

Fully Managed IT Services Explained

Fully managed IT services will provide your business with the structure it needs to grow and evolve, enhancing productivity and completing a range of objectives. Using IT infrastructure services like this means you can get the full support that you require, allowing you to focus on the key goals of your business.

Fully Managed IT Services packages can include:

  • Real-time operational support

  • Constant security vigilance and management

  • Patching and monitoring

  • Ongoing care

Business owners will also be provided with an account manager as well as a designated lead engineer. This will ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly without any delays.

Fully managed IT services can be customised to meet the individual requirements of a business. Options included in Fully Managed IT Services are:

  • Network management

  • Data backup and disaster recovery

  • Desktop management

  • Software solutions

  • Cloud storage

Collectively, these solutions will ensure that a business is set up for success in a modern market and meet the requirements that clients demand.


When utilising managed IT services you may still be responsible for privacy and data protection. This could include ensuring that your team members have the right training to prevent security breaches. However, your IT managed services provider will be able to advise you on best practice.

Your IT service provider will provide support by ensuring that you have the latest software and security systems in place to keep your business safe. As well as this, an IT support team will prevent downtime in your business by ensuring that your systems continue to operate effectively.

Benefits Of Using Fully Managed IT Services

Fully managed IT services provide significant benefits to business owners. These include access to advanced security and privacy protection expertise for their business. The IT service provider takes responsibility for the monitoring of IT infrastructure and business data.

All this helps ensure that business owners encounter fewer headaches with day to day IT. It avoids issues that cause downtime, disruptions and delays to company services. It also ensures that business owners have more time to focus on important goals such as pushing company growth.

Ultimately, an IT managed service is ideal if you want to take a hands-off approach to operational IT, and divert resources to more value-add activities.


Fully managed IT services can provide benefits at every stage of your business, allowing you to achieve higher levels of growth and focus on the future of your company. Trained experts will monitor your systems, ensuring that you avoid downtime and protect sensitive digital assets. Solutions like this are completely scalable and suitable for a wide range of businesses, large and small.

At Venture 1 we can provide bespoke fully managed IT packages to suit your needs and requirements. We always maintain an exceptionally high standard with our services and provide a transparent solution you can trust.

If you are interested in learning more about this service or need fully managed IT services in your business model, please do not hesitate to get in touch. An expert member of our team will be happy to assist you further.

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