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Our Christmas Social (in January)!

Coughs, colds and Covid breakouts plus TRAIN STRIKES (!) meant that because not everyone could make it in December, our Christmas Social was postponed until January. This included the traditional round of Secret Santa, held in a local restaurant, much to the confusion of many customers and tourists!

The evening started with a company “Town Hall” including a new, four-legged member of the team (see pics!), which had decided to join in the fun! Our “Town Hall” covers company updates on general progress and gives an open forum for contribution and comment from all team members.

That was followed by a short sightseeing walk to the Westminster Kitchen Grill House for a meal (plus Secret Santa!) at 17:30, followed by games, at Draughts Waterloo from 20:00pm for an evening of gentle (?) competition and inter team battles largely consisting of clever techies versus not so clever (but very creative) sales and marketing types! (Sound familiar?).

Although Christmas Jumpers in January looked a little odd to our fellow commuters, we've concluded that Christmas parties in January are definitely the way forward. It was something to look forward to, we had the pick of the venues, and it brought fun and laughter into what is generally considered the most miserable time of the year. Roll on next January... Ho Ho Ho!

Here are a few more snaps to mark the occasion which proved to be great fun and an excellent way to see in 2023!

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Mar 01, 2023

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Why do I look so angry in the last one 😂 Mark didn't beat me in chess THAT bad

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