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November Consultancy Highlights

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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NHS Trust – Enhancing The Desktop Experience

Venture 1 is assisting a large NHS trust in enhancing its end user desktop experience to improve productivity and reduce support overheads.

Our consultants working on the project are delighted to be ‘making a difference’ to an NHS Trust that is doing so much for its community by helping them work more effectively and efficiently.

Insurance Services - Infrastructure DevOps

DevOps revolutionises the siloed organisational structure that traditionally separated development from operations.

Venture 1 is currently assisting a large Insurance House in helping them to improve its deployment process for new applications. The primary goals are to save money and create a streamlined and repeatable infrastructure deployment process.

By implementing formalised Infrastructure DevOps pipelines, we will be effecting a cultural shift whereby developers and operations professionals work together, embrace automation and increase deployment speed.

Financial Services – User Domain Migration Hypercare

No matter how well you design, plan, build and test your changes, there will always be an adjustment period as your users learn to navigate their new terrain. So, rather than hoping for the impossible and expecting the best, why not hope for the best and prepare for the worst?

Venture 1 Consulting has been assisting a major finance house by providing expert support to end users on a global scale; immediately after their accounts have been migrated to a new domain, helping to minimise impact on productivity.

Marketing & Advertising Agency - Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Migration

We are currently supporting one of our long-standing customers in a complex domain migration project. They have recently acquired another company as part of their expansion plans and wish to incorporate its IT infrastructure into their own, in particular, Microsoft Office 365. 

The clients’ immediate priority is to present all outbound emails from the new, incoming companies' users as if they have originated from a mailbox within its own domain. Phase Two of the project will be to fully migrate all the companies' Office 365 components including (but not limited to): OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online and Teams to its own tenancy.


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