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Microsoft Entra: Security Simplified.

Microsoft Entra is now being pushed out to more and more of our clients, having been ready for adoption for a few months now. It is Microsoft’s latest answer for Identity and Access Management services bringing together Azure Active Directory, Permission Management, Verified ID, Workload Identities and Lifecycle workflows.

According to Microsoft, Entra is key in its rebranding, as it looks to implement its overall vision of seeing “identity as a trust fabric” for the “entire digital ecosystem” of organisations as a whole. It is yet another step forward in encompassing all the Identity and Access capabilities provided, expanding into the more and more decentralised Identity and Cloud systems in use nowadays in organisations across all industries.

As a result, Entra is able to provide the following services:

  • Protect access to any app or resource for any user.

  • Secure and verify every identity across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • Discover and govern permissions in multicloud environments.

  • Simplify the user experience with real-time intelligent access decisions.

To delve deeper into the Microsoft Entra world and its offerings, further information can be obtained here - and here


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