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Here’s something you can do for our planet in less than 30 seconds...

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

15 million users have planted over 120 million trees, for free. Just by searching the web.

This may sound too good to be true without knowing how Ecosia works and you might have some questions! Is Ecosia a virus? Are Ecosia’s tree-planting projects legitimate? Does Ecosia produce renewable energy? Is my private data safe?

In short: No, Yes, Yes, Yes

What Makes Ecosia Great for the Planet?

It’s really simple…

Just like other search engines, Ecosia displays ads alongside your search results. When you click on them, they get paid. That’s how Ecosia makes money.

But instead of wasting this advertising revenue on building a private airport or finding new ways to avoid taxes, Ecosia uses it to fight climate change and environmental injustice.

They start by covering their costs. This includes things like improving the search results and covering rent. Everything else, including all of Ecosia's profits, go towards climate action. They invest 20% in renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, and grassroots activism. The remaining 80% goes towards planting and protecting trees around the world.

By using their profits for the planet in this way, over 120 million trees have been planted and counting. Ecosia now serves millions of people from almost every country in the world, every day. It takes less than 30 seconds to change your default search engine to Ecosia. See how here

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