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Gartner: "Why Microsoft is now leading the way with DaaS"

Why Microsoft is the Leader in Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Microsoft has firmly established itself as a leader in the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market, a position corroborated by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. This leadership is underpinned by a combination of strategic strengths and unique capabilities that differentiate Microsoft from its competitors, including VMware and Citrix.

1. Global Scale and Market Presence

One of the standout reasons for Microsoft’s leadership is its significant global presence. Despite entering the DaaS market in September 2019, Microsoft has rapidly become the largest DaaS vendor. This swift ascent is a testament to Microsoft's ability to leverage its existing infrastructure and market reach to dominate the DaaS space. Microsoft’s operations span the globe, catering to clients of all sizes—from small businesses to large enterprises—ensuring comprehensive support and accessibility worldwide.

2. Integrated Ecosystem

Microsoft’s unique position stems from its deep integration across a range of its own products and services. The company owns and operates the architecture for Windows, Intune, Microsoft 365 applications, Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Windows 365. This comprehensive integration allows for a seamless user experience and operational efficiency that competitors struggle to match. Exclusive capabilities such as Windows 10/11 Enterprise multisession, which optimizes Azure resource utilization, exemplify the advantages of this deep integration.

3. Extensive Partner Network

Another critical factor in Microsoft’s leadership is its vast partner ecosystem. According to Gartner, Microsoft boasts the largest partner network among DaaS vendors. This extensive ecosystem includes a wide range of services available directly from partners or through the Azure Marketplace, significantly enhancing the value and capabilities offered to customers. This network enables Microsoft to deliver a broad array of solutions tailored to diverse client needs, further solidifying its market position.

Strengths and Capabilities

Global Scale

Microsoft’s global operations ensure that it can support clients in any region, providing robust infrastructure and localized support. This global reach is a significant advantage, particularly for multinational enterprises that require consistent and reliable DaaS solutions across different regions.

Integrated Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

The deep integration of Microsoft’s products and services means that clients benefit from a unified platform that enhances productivity and operational efficiency. The seamless interaction between Azure, Windows, Intune, and Microsoft 365 applications provides a cohesive environment that simplifies management and improves user experience.

Partner Ecosystem

With the largest partner network in the Magic Quadrant, Microsoft can offer a diverse range of solutions through its partners. This extensive network ensures that clients have access to specialized services and additional functionalities that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.


Additional Management Tools

While Microsoft’s DaaS solutions are robust, large-scale Azure Virtual Desktop deployments often require third-party management tools for additional automation, operational management, and financial oversight. Clients need to assess whether these third-party tools are necessary to optimize their operations and costs.

Complex Commercial Models

Managing a blend of use cases between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 can lead to increased administrative complexity. Clients must handle consumption-based invoices for AVD alongside user-based licenses for Windows 365, which can complicate financial management and require careful oversight.


Microsoft’s leadership in the DaaS market is driven by its global scale, integrated ecosystem, and extensive partner network. These strengths enable Microsoft to offer a unique and compelling DaaS solution that meets the needs of a wide range of clients. Despite some challenges, such as the need for additional management tools and the complexity of commercial models, Microsoft’s comprehensive and innovative approach positions it as the clear leader in the DaaS landscape.

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