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Announcing our new partnership with Agility By Nature

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We’ve formed a brand new partnership with technology and change management consultancy Agility By Nature (ABN). They specialise in agile ways of working, not just in the world of IT development but across all IT and business processes.

Why Agility By Nature?

Put simply, ABN’s focus, like ours, is on delivering genuine value to customers as quickly as possible.

They’re Agile experts, and we’re finding that many of our infrastructure projects are benefitting more and more from an agile (with a small ‘a’) approach, rather than the traditional waterfall methodology. Chunking projects into smaller phases that deliver immediate value, followed by assessment and (if necessary) course correction, means stakeholders see benefits much faster, and project delivery maintains momentum.

We all know what sizeable projects with ‘long tails’ that never really finish are like…! We’re keen to avoid those and have found adopting an agile mindset and methodology really helpful in steering away from them (we now run all our internal IT activity this way). ABN are the ideal partner to support this ambition and journey.

What will the partnership offer our customers?

Our skillsets complement ABN’s well, particularly as the lines between development and infrastructure are becoming more intertwined, with practices such as DevOps and the rise of the Citizen Developer. Combining our existing skillsets with those that ABN bring allows us to broaden both the depth and breadth of the services we can offer our customers. Here are some examples of services you may not currently be aware that we can offer:

  • Regaining your Agile Mojo – to help you get existing Agile programmes back on track.

  • CIO as a Service – to help you get the best from your IT at the fraction of the cost of a full time, top-flight, CIO.

  • CISO as a Service – to help you get on top of your security without the need for a full time CISO.

  • IT Spending Review – to help you review your IT Cloud, Network, Software and Licensing costs, suggest how you can get better value for money, and negotiate with your suppliers and third parties for you.

How’s the partnership going so far?

We’re already working on a project together for a large insurance firm, using DevOps to deliver consistent and repeatable infrastructure pipelines to support their new customer-facing application which is due to be launched shortly. We’re also looking at co-bids for public sector framework Agile opportunities.

We’ve enjoyed welcoming ABN to our partner ecosystem and expanding the value we can offer to our customers as a result. If any of the above resonates with you, and you’d like to explore whether we could help you, please do get in touch here.

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Really enjoying working with everyone at Venture1 - such a complimentary fit in terms of services and our principles. On to forming new opportunities!

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