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Business Continuity

In today's round-the-clock business environment, the impact and unacceptability of system and data loss have increased. Therefore, selecting the appropriate set of business continuity solutions to safeguard the business is a crucial decision for CIOs and IT Managers.

We have a proven track record of delivering strategic and architectural guidance, designing, implementing, and testing expertise to clients seeking reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our aim is to assist you in making informed infrastructure choices that eliminate the risks of service disruption, hardware failures, site disasters, and malicious attacks.

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage offers cost-effective and flexible options, with the added benefit of extended retention periods spanning decades. It is a modern alternative to traditional backup media like tapes, which are expensive and prone to deterioration.

We have helped numerous clients, including large public sector organizations, significantly reduce their backup costs by over 80% through the adoption of cloud-based backup solutions.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Is your current disaster recovery (DR) solution draining your resources?


Are you hesitant to test your plan due to potential disruptions to production environments?


Many organizations, in reality, lack a proper DR plan altogether. By leveraging the cloud for your disaster recovery, you gain a flexible and fully testable pay-as-you-go alternative to traditional DR approaches.


We offer a range of DR capabilities tailored to various needs:

  • DR Assessments: We can evaluate the readiness of your existing DR solution, benchmark it against business requirements, and identify any operational risks.

  • DR Provisioning: Our consultants design, test, and implement comprehensive global DR solutions for both server and desktop environments.

  • Cloud DR Managed Services: For clients looking to outsource their entire DR solution, we provide DR as a Service (DRaaS). Learn more by reading our Service Information sheet or downloading it for detailed insights.

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