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Market Day event featuring WALLY THE WHEEL!

December 1st was MARKET DAY at our offices in China Works.

This proved to be a tremendously successful event organised by Centre Manager, Francesca Calate and her ever helpful team. The format gave an opportunity for all tenants to showcase their products and services to others in the building and despite the fact that Information Technology is pretty boring we were able to network with 60 visitors to our own booth!

The booth was manned all day by a dedicated team lead by our Sales & Marketing Director, Maxine Thurston ably assisted by our Service Delivery and Sustainability Manager, Drew Koria AND you may have noticed, the latest member of our ever growing team – WALLY THE WHEEL!

Full of RAM – well at least 14 bits of it, WALLY has immediately been put to work hard on some of our latest projects including:-

· Whose turn is it to make the coffee?

· Where shall we go for lunch?

· Who's going to get the latest Prize Draw pressie?

and of course, playing his favourite game of "Take the Money or Spin the Wheel?"!

A very flexible member of the team, WALLY is able to join many a meeting where team members are struggling to reach a conclusion often resulting in our own version of “Where’s WALLY?” running in the office!

As we begin to look forward to 2023 we are sure that WALLY will begin to make a huge impression on how the company develops! Any ideas on that by the way please do let us know!


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