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ISO27001 - Protect Your Business and Improve Your Compliance

The internet is the fundamental way we do business now. We work hard to build our reputation in our chosen markets to be trusted partners and suppliers.  And we also know that we must protect our business from hackers, fraudsters, ransomware, viruses etc. Despite this, we know companies large and small fall prey to any of these threats every day.


How can you be confident that security is embedded in the organisation across the board to protect your hard-won brand?


How do you maintain the right processes to avoid the stress of the wrong publicity and financial loss?


Fortunately, there is an International Standard that provides structured and measurable actions to achieve practical peace of mind and assure your business partners and customers that you are safe hands: ISO 27001.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management. It provides a framework of policies, processes, and controls that organizations need to implement to protect their sensitive data and meet compliance requirements.


Implementing ISO 27001 helps businesses ensure they are compliant with industry regulations and standards. This covers data protection from malicious attackers and reduces the risk of data breaches and incidents.


Another benefit of having a certified ISO 27001 system is it helps businesses attract new clients, particularly where security is a significant concern or mandated by regulatory bodies.

Mind the Gaps! Making sure you haven’t missed anything

Keeping safe is more than just a firewall. Organizations should regularly audit their processes to identify any areas where they may be lacking in security or not meeting compliance requirements.


Proactively identifying and closing gaps in the overall security posture elevates your confidence that you are covering the bases. Establishing metrics to measure compliance and assess the effectiveness of their security measures maintains a robust defence.


Once any potential gaps in compliance once identified, should have a plan to address them. This includes steps for addressing each gap, as well as timelines for completion.

People and technology working together to prevent breaches

To ensure sensitive data is secure, define ways of working and implement appropriate policies and processes. As an example, define access control measures so only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. Also, implement procedures for regularly monitoring systems for any suspicious activities or unauthorized access.


And of course, leverage technologies such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to further strengthen their security posture. These technologies can help detect and prevent malicious activities and unauthorized access attempts and are increasingly sophisticated to manage evolving threats to your digital business.


Support Your Teams in Understanding Security

Technology helps protect organisations, but people are the heart of a business. And sadly, this is where things can go wrong. Ensure everyone understands the importance of security and the potential consequences of not taking it seriously. This improves engagement and an understanding of why certain policies and procedures are in place and to be adhered to.


Invest in security training for all staff members to ensure everyone has the knowledge and skills necessary to properly handle sensitive data and follow security protocols. No one wants to leave an unprotected laptop on a train…


Assurance to Existing and New Clients That You are Committed

ISO 27001 helps you demonstrate the measures in place to protect data. This includes highlighting the controls implemented as part of the ISO 27001 system, such as access control measures, encryption, firewalls, etc.

ISO 27001 allows you to demonstrate commitment to protecting data by providing evidence of compliance with industry regulations and standards, by providing successful audit reports and other relevant documents.


This proactive approach to security protects everyone's data  -  customers, partners, company intellectual property etc., instilling confidence within third parties. And confidence in yourselves that you have a structured ongoing programme of education, process and actions which protects the whole organisation.

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