Microsoft’s content management system SharePoint has been a leading application within the business world for over a decade. No matter what sector or industry you work in, SharePoint’s great ability to be able to adapt or change for any business is one of the great reasons every business should be considering SharePoint.

SharePoint’s main use when it was officially released to the public was as a content management system, but with its storage capabilities,  this also reduces the need to print or email documents within a business, saving time and money, as well as increasing productivity.

Security and Integrity is key to the way a business runs. One of Sharepoint’s greatest advantages is how secure it is. Whether it be protecting data from unauthorised accesss or company confidential data, Sharepoint enables you to help set up permisssions for your documents and applications and is one of the most secure intranet platforms available.

User engagement between colleagues can be improved with the help of Sharepoint. The intranet application can be used as a social platform for businesses to interact across an entire organisation. When working on projects with multiple people or even document sharing, Sharepoint acts as a hub to help keep all users in the same loop with updates and conversations to keep everything moving forward.

Different roles and permissions can be set out over an organisation within Sharepoint, which makes it so expansible throughout an organisation. For example, folders with documents such as employee handbooks can be made visible and readable to everyone, but with sales stats and analytics, you can make that a private folder so that only the sales team and management can see these.

Finally, SharePoint’s version history control enables users to see when files saved within Sharepoint were last used, changed or moved. Sharepoint automatically updates this which is very useful when working on a single document with a team of people.

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