Talon FAST – A Centralised File Storage and Management with a Local End User Experience

Talon is a global leader in the next generation of software-defined storage solutions. Allowing organisations to centralise and consolidate IT storage infrastructure, Talon focuses on bringing your data closer to users.

In today’s world of data sharing and storage, there are many factors impacting upon businesses concerned with the distribution and use of enterprise data. Some of these challenges include trying to manage “Islands of Data” whilst maintaining a ‘Single Version of the Truth’ with ever present, duplicate and conflicting file versions, which can have a significant impact on business productivity.

Statistics have shown* that 80% of enterprise data is represented as unstructured file data.

  • Only 10% of this data is considered active
  • Whilst 80% of this data lives outside of the datacentre (in branch offices)


In an ideal scenario, a single set of data that is centralised and secure, which is easily manageable and accessible to all users would be a perfect a solution…



This is where Talon can help.


Talon FAST™ is a centralised file storage and management software solution. Recommended by Microsoft and fully integrated with Active Directory, Talon FAST™ enables enterprise wide file sharing with centralised file locking whilst delivering local, fast performance for all end users. Branch office users have access to a centralised data store in real-time and are still able to maintain optimal performance. To achieve this, Talon FAST™ uses an intelligent file caching solution, which cache’s active data, keeping relevant data local to users.

As a deployment partner for Talon, Venture 1 Consulting can help you assess your storage and file sharing requirements with the appropriate, right minded specialists.


*Gartner: “Big Content: The Unstructured Side of Big Data”

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