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Spotlight On 'Revisited': Shalom Washington, Technical Apprentice

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Back in August last year we put our first ever Spotlight On Shalom, one of our brilliant Technical Apprentices. Ten months later, we thought we'd share with you what fantastic progress he's made, and what an asset he is to Venture 1.


Since our first article, Shalom has been studying hard, and has acquired several technical Microsoft Azure and Office 365 accreditations. These are valuable not just because they arm him with solid skills to use when supporting clients, but also because they bolster Venture 1's partnership status with Microsoft.

Security Expertise

Shalom has focussed a lot of his time on security, and become our resident Sentinel expert. He makes sure all our systems are securely protected and constantly monitored, which is hugely important in today's world of ever-increasing cyber security threats.

Life on the Road

Shalom is currently working on-site at a public sector client in the west country, helping them to build and deploy laptops at an aggressive pace. It's his first piece of chargeable project work, and he's been a credit to Venture 1 and to himself, so much so that the client proactively took the time to contact us and feed back how pleased they are with his work:

"I just wanted to say what a huge asset Shalom is to Venture 1. His work ethic is awesome and is a positive light on Venture 1 and himself. He has really got on with a bit of a tedious task and without him doing that we wouldn't be in the position that we are."

One of the other things that Shalom has been excelling at while away is making the most of Premier Inn breakfasts... Enjoy!

If you enjoyed reading about Shalom and want to know more about other members of the Venture 1 Team, just search 'Spotlight On' in our Blog...

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