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Partner Spotlight On: Nick Beard, Channel Partner Manager, Crayon UK

Placing a 'Spotlight On' some of our much valued partners, this month it's the turn of Nick Beard from Crayon UK.

What attracted you to working as a partner alongside Venture 1?

Crayon and Venture 1 have a long standing and historic partnership. I recently took over the role at the beginning of the year and immediately we clicked. I was blown away by the passion and knowledge base they have and how far they go to achieve success for their clients. It's great to work with likeminded people.

What sorts of things do you do with Venture 1?

Venture 1 and Crayon work alongside each other strategising and developing our partnership alongside Microsoft. We synergise and collaborate every step of the journey to maximise relationships whilst always keeping the customer central and at the heart of everything we do!

What’s your favourite thing about working with Venture 1?

The people! Maxine, Mark and the team are everything I love about my job! From a professional and personal standpoint our goals and ethics align perfectly!


  • Favourite Film: Law Abiding Citizen – a bit of a left field selection, battling what’s right and wrong but seems to resonate with me from different angles!

  • Favourite Drink: Vodka, Soda & Lime, trying to stop the beer belly from growing! 😊

  • Favourite Book: Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – DR Stephen Covey – have read it front to cover numerous times, sharpens the saw!

  • Favourite Brand: Nike – From advertising, to brands, to strap lines. I’m an avid trainer collector and love the many collabs also!

  • Favourite Emoji: 😂 I love to laugh!

If you could invite anyone round for dinner, who would it be?

  • Ian Wright Amazing footballer, pundit and icon! Has been my idol since I fell in love with football as a kid.

  • Jason Statham I love action films and his sense of humour – I’d ask him what it took to play “the monk” in ‘Mean Machine’

  • Michael Jordan I would pick his brain on why Nike over Adidas & find out how and what it took to rise to the pinnacle of the NBA.

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