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Chief Information Officer As a Service

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Why should you consider a CIO service?


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities, and schools often lack a dedicated CIO at the board level who possesses the necessary blend of commercial, leadership, and technology expertise to guide their digital transformation initiatives.

The main reasons for this absence are typically the cost associated with hiring a full-time CIO and the fact that the organisation's needs may not warrant a permanent position. This is where our CIO as a Service comes in as an ideal solution.

With extensive experience across various industries, we have the expertise to design and implement services, solutions, and strategies that align with your vision and business objectives.

After an initial discussion to understand your requirements, we will develop a tailored plan outlining how we can support you and determine the level of commitment needed. Depending on your specific needs, this can be a one-off exercise, or  an ongoing engagement with regular on-site days per month, and can be as short as a few weeks.

By choosing our CIO service, you can access the guidance and expertise of seasoned professionals who will help drive your digital transformation and enable your organisation to thrive.

Key Benefits

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Cost control (Opex and Capex)

  • Governance and best practice

  • Managing third party suppliers

  • Improved procurement

  • Board-level reporting

  • Auditing

  • Technical solution design and validation

  • Project validation

  • A strategic IT roadmap produced, considering appropriate technology, cloud & cybersecurity

  • Assist in IT due-diligence and acquisition setup

  • Flexible commitment

  • Cybersecurity

  • IT training

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