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09 Jun 2020

We’ve Moved! Venture 1 Consulting has a New Office!

We are pleased to announce that we have Re-Located from Wimbledon to a more fitting central London location!

Situated just a ten-minute walk from both Vauxhall and Waterloo train stations, we are now based in a wonderful, converted nineteenth century China Factory. With its historical exterior brickwork and stylish, modern interior, the new office facility allows us to better serve our customers and business partners as well as expand and grow as a company. Our new address is:-


Venture 1 Consulting

China Works

100 Black Prince Road



We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and work with you in the future!



11 May 2020

Customer Story: SitePro

SitePro gained a competitive advantage by combining onsite sensors and data collection with online data processing and management using Microsoft Azure. As a result, they were able to provide faster and more effective service to their customers, which in turn strengthened the offerings of their customers. It’s a win for everyone.

20 Feb 2020

NHS reduces major IT attacks since 2017 WannaCry Ransomware crisis

Since 2014, the NHS has suffered 209 successful ransomware attacks according to stats based on Freedom of Information requests. However, the situation has improved dramatically since 2017, the year WannaCry ransomware hit the health service.



The figures, posted in a report from research company Comparitech, highlight the following statistics since 2014:

  • 209 or more successful attacks, ranging from one computer to an entire system
  • No ransoms reported to have been paid
  • Estimated downtime of 206 days
  • Only 6 attacks were reported after 2017, the year of WannaCry, albeit with the caveat that 20% of hospitals refused, or failed to respond to the survey


The research company sent the survey to  254 NHS Trusts, with 184 responding, 20 not responding and 50 refusing to hand over the information requested.


A September 2018 government report estimated the cost of WannaCry, aka WannaCrypt, to be up to £92m, most of which occurred in the aftermath, rather than during the attack, to restore data and systems.


If you need some advice and guidance on how Venture 1 can help with your businesses security needs,


05 Feb 2020

Three reasons to migrate your 2008 server applications to Azure

With the 14th January well and truly in the past, support has now officially ended for Windows Server 2008. No more free security updates, free support options or online technical updates. With all that said, below are three impactful reasons for why you should consider moving your applications to Azure:


Embrace the tools in Azure to modernize your applications. Focus on business innovation with fully managed services like Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service and Azure IaaS.

Cost Savings

Reduce your infrastructure costs with free extended security updates, using the Azure Hybrid Benefit program and optimize infrastructure usage and cost. For example, you can save up to $750K by moving one hundred 2008 servers to Azure. In comparison, it would cost five times more to run Windows Server in AWS.

Security and Compliance

Counter sophisticated cyber threats with a secure Cloud foundation and help meet compliance requirements with more certifications than any other Cloud provider. Moving to Azure also entitles you to free security updates for three more years after the end of support.



If you need some advice and guidance on how the Cloud can change your business for the better, whether that be for AWS, Azure or the use of hybrid technologies, please get in touch with us by following the link below:-


20 Jan 2020

Customer story: Chesterfield County

Watch how Virginia’s Chesterfield County Department of Social Services recently transformed its outdated workplace using cloud technology. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the department streamlined manual processes and siloed data to improve efficiency and productivity across their entire team.

20 Nov 2019

Microsoft Announces Azure Arc

At Microsoft’s recent annual Ignite conference, it was announced that a product known as Azure Arc was to be launched which would change the landscape of the public cloud…

Azure Arc will enable customers to understand and realise the benefits of up-to-date data capabilities and dynamic scalability on any infrastructure. Customers will now have the flexibility to deploy Azure SQL Database and Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale where they need it.

From the Azure portal, customers will be able to view all their Azure data services running across both on-premise and cloud infrastructures and can apply consistent policy, security and governance of data across all environments. Customers will also get limitless scale by seamlessly spinning up additional Kubernetes clusters in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) if they run out of capacity on-premise.
These set of technologies will unlock new hybrid scenarios for customers by bringing Azure services and management to any infrastructure. Today, Azure Arc is only available in preview mode.


To read Microsoft’s full announcement: CLICK HERE


If you need some advice and guidance on how the Cloud can change your business for the better, whether that be for AWS, Azure or the use of hybrid technologies,


17 Oct 2019

What went down at Future Decoded 2019

It’s October 2019 which means its Future Decoded!
Once again, for the 3rd year in a row, Venture 1 attended day 2 of Microsoft UK’s leading European Conference full of exciting breakout sessions, insightful keynote speakers and a fantastically run expo.
Each year, Microsoft likes to keep Future Decoded on a consistent theme that all the breakout sessions are based upon. This year was all about focussing on how gathering data and analysing it properly can lead to real results for your business. This coupled well with the overarching use cases of utilising AI to sort through data and give users real business intelligence.
An highly informative keynote presentation from the British Heart Foundation opened day 2 explaining how collaboration with Microsoft is helping map out where the UK’s public defibrillators can be found. The partnership started after shocking figures revealed public access defibrillators being used in less than 3 per cent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, significantly reducing the survival chances of tens of thousands of people every year. A real use case scenario that will for sure make a huge difference.



Carrying on with the AI theme, Microsoft wanted to demystify AI and make it look a lot less intimidating by diving into the business use case. For example, there was also a talk on AI ethics and what it should do or should not do and how certain countries were prioritising becoming the best country for AI development. Microsoft had set up their very own AI juice bar in which a camera looked at how you react to certain pictures to understand and work out which juice drink you should have. Safe to say we were all given a ‘pick me up’ drink!


AI has become the new focus of international competition, with a general shift away from industrial manufacturing commodities to a technology and services driven economy. If “cloud computing” or the “cloud” was the buzzword a few years ago, now it’s AI and it’s here to stay for a long time…


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11 Jul 2019

Oracle and Microsoft team up to connect Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle recently announced that customers will soon be able to migrate and run workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud thanks to a new cloud partnership between the two companies. Users will also be able to connect Azure services such as AI to Oracle Cloud services. The exciting partnership between Microsoft and Oracle will enable customers to run parts of workloads within Azure and other parts of the same workload within Oracle’s Cloud as part of a “best-of-both-clouds experience”.

Oracle’s executive vice president for Cloud Infrastructure, Don Johnson believes that this partnership will enable businesses to make the most of their cloud investment and reduce Cloud architects time. Mr. Johnson also went on to state that this will only be available to the Azure US East and Oracle Ashburn region first, with additional regions gaining access within the near future.

To read Microsoft full statement:

If you need some advice and guidance on how the Cloud can change your business for the better, whether that be for AWS or Azure, FIND OUT MORE HERE.

20 May 2019

First Glance: AWS vs Azure Networking

Venture 1 Consulting is proud to present First Glance! 

Each week, before a new Tech and Tea with V1C (TATWV1C) episode is released, a teaser insight will be posted in the form of blog post. This will give listeners a First Glance look at what they can expect from the upcoming episode a week before it is released. 


In this week’s First Glance, we take a look at one of the IT industries most talked about questions, a heavyweight clash in its own right… AWS vs Azure: Overview and Networking. 


Venture 1 Consulting Managing Director, Mark Thurston, once again joins Charlie to discuss the Networking differences of both AWS and Azure. Mark dives deep into the thinking behind the different ways both platforms are set up and the different services each platform has to offer. 

Having worked extensively with both platforms, Mark provides listeners with many interesting insights about how they are setup and how both providers think they know what is best for a Cloud platform and Infrastructure. In this latest episode, at a high level, Mark also talks about the restrictions each platform has, the reasons behind these and how to get around them. 

If nothing else, one key takeaway from the session will certainly be Mark finishing up with his entertaining ‘Cake Shop’ analogy on the differences between each Cloud provider! 

The AWS vs Azure battle will be a consistent theme for several episodes in our first series of TATWV1C, in which we will discuss all the different aspects that make up a public Cloud platform. 


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