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Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

As data grows exponentially, the ability to store, back up and recover data is becoming an increasing challenge for organisations of all sizes.  Choosing the right suite of solutions to protect their business is one of the essential decisions all of today’s CIOs face.


The ever-expanding use of cloud technologies means businesses are now able to make use of a completely new range of cloud-based business continuity options. Venture 1 has a long and successful track record of providing strategic and architectural advice, design, implementation and testing expertise to customers seeking suitable backup and DR solutions. We can help you make the right infrastructure decisions to protect your business by eradicating the risk of service losshardware failuressite disasters and malicious attacks. 

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage is relatively cheap and extremely flexible, and coupled with retention periods of many decades it can provide a cost effective alternative to traditional, high overhead, perishable backup media such as tapes.

We have helped customers – including large public sector organisations – reduce their backup overheads by more than 80% through migrating to cloud-based backup solutions.

Cloud DR

Is your current Disaster Recovery solution costing you a fortune? Is your plan untested for fear of disruption to production environments? In fact many organisations have no real Disaster Recovery plan at all.  Using the cloud for your DR offers a flexible, fully testable, pay as you go alternative to traditional DR provision.


Our services range from cloud DR readiness assessments through to the end-to-end design, implementation and testing of global DR provision for both server and desktop estates.  We have in-depth experience evaluating many market leading DR solutions against cloud alternatives, and from hands-on testing know the capabilities, strengths and pitfalls of these options.


We’ve used this knowledge to create a brand new Disaster Recovery Service that keeps things remarkably simple:

  • No 3rd party products.
  • No redundant kit.
  • Same levels of recovery.
  • Significantly more affordable.


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