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18 Oct 2021

Our Lockdown Activities and Observations

We’ve kept remarkably busy throughout lockdown, reflecting the criticality that technology now plays in all aspects of our lives. Here are some of the key activities we’ve carried out and trends we’ve noticed:


Adjusting to homeworking

With the undoubted increase in remote and ‘homeworking’ and the now emerging ‘Hybrid’ style of working life, the need for 24/7 access to reliable systems has come even more sharply into focus. Given that we, alongside the rest of the country had to adapt to working from home with the increased use of collaborative technologies like Zoom and Teams, we are pleased to report that our high levels of service and customer care have been maintained throughout.


Supporting the Public Sector

A high-level review of some of the work we have undertaken indicates some interesting facts. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Health Sector, where the criticality of ‘keeping the lights on’ with access to core systems was and is, essential has been the focus of our activities. In this respect we were pleased to be able to offer our own support to the vital services that this sector provides to us all. We also noticed high levels of demand for our services across the broader public sector, including Central and Local Government and the Emergency Services.


Servicing other sectors

The Public sector was closely followed by the Finance sector, which remained busy throughout as people and institutions looked to manage and negotiate their own and their clients’ ways through the crisis, reflected in the demand for our own services.



In terms of technologies, much of our work was in the areas of Domain Migrations and Azure, reflecting the increased use of Cloud technology. Remote working also brought focus in terms of device performance and security, with much work around the deployment of Windows 10 leveraging Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Autopilot. PKI and Always On VPN projects have also been in high demand.