We offer a range of support services to suit customers' needs.


We provide technical support to many of our customers via a call-off arrangement.  Customers purchase a number of support units in advance, and these can be used for ad hoc implementation or general support purposes as they wish.  Our customers like the flexibility of this approach, which gives them peace of mind in knowing they have access to our best technical resources as and when needed, but without a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) or monthly fee.


As a result of several of our customers enquiring about a formal SLA-based support service, wenow offer the additional support offerings:

Pay Monthly plan


Call-off support

- Pre-paid Support Units
- A pay per unit offering
- 1 Unit = 1 Hour
- Minimum Number of Units = 8


Pay As You Go support

- Ad Hoc Support
- Pay after Delivery
- A pay per Hour offering
- Users must Register in Advance


Other Services

Hosted Backup
- Hosted Email
-  Software Licencing
- Disaster Recovery
- Patching and Updates
- Hardware Procurement
- Antivirus
- Cloud Services
- Office Moves
- Holiday/Absence Infill
- Consultancy