• Are you considering the Cloud as part of your IT strategy, and want to discuss the different options available to you?
  • Are you a Cloud Sceptic that has unanswered questions about its suitability for your business? 
  • Do you want help de-mystifying the merits of a public versus private Cloud solution?
  • Do you simply want to explore how a Cloud solution could help address your business's current challenges and objectives?

If the answer to any of these is 'yes', a Call or Workshop is the best place to start.

WHAT SHOULD YOU expect FROM A CLOUD Call or workshop?

A Venture 1 Cloud Conference Call gives you the opportunity to discuss your own specific IT challenges and how these can be addressed. During the call our Cloud expert will help you identify Cloud solutions that fit your business and you will come away knowing whether the Cloud is right for you and what your next steps are in getting there.

Alternatively, booking a Venture 1 Cloud Workshop means we’ll spend a day dedicated to understanding your key IT and business challenges and pain points, and help identify a potential Cloud Strategy to address them. A workshop session is collaborative and fully interactive, comprising active discussion and brainstorming with key IT decision-makers. You can either choose to tackle a particular issue or take a wider viewpoint of your business as a whole.  We'll whiteboard possible high-level Cloud solutions that fit your business's needs, and at the end of the session you will come away with a summary report outlining our findings. 

Common areas that customers like to focus on:

  • Implementing Effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Safeguarding Data through Data Protection and Rights Management Solutions
  • Controlling Storage and Capacity Sprawl
  • Delivering True Enterprise Mobility
  • Migrating Core Infrastructure to Capture Cloud Economics
  • Leveraging the Best of Both Worlds with a Hybrid Cloud Model



With Venture 1 Consulting you will get more than just a technical mind-set - we are focussed on helping you make smart business decisions.  Our consultants always take a holistic approach, never focussing on technology alone.  This helps avoid those all too easy technology rather than business-driven solutions.  We'll never recommend a specific solution just because we can easily implement it.  And if we believe the Cloud doesn't fit your business at all, we'll say so - our core values are Honesty, Excellence and Enjoyment, and they underpin everything we do.  


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