Predictions for the Cloud in 2018

2018 Predictions Blog graphic.png

As 2017 has come to a close, we start to look at the direction in which technology will go in 2018. You may be aware that 2017 was very much AI and how it would have an effect on us as users within our working and social life instead of the gimmick uses we have seen in previous years. Here at Venture 1 we’re very interested in where the Cloud will be next year and how that will affect the way IT is innovating in tomorrow’s world, so we’ve put together our own list of predictions for what we think is going to happen next!

Within the major players, Google Cloud will be the ones to watch. We already know Google has announced its ‘Cloud Next’ event for next July which is guaranteed to bring some exciting news for Googles’ public Cloud offering. This could lead to the possibility of Google expanding its presence and being right up there with the main Cloud players such as Microsoft and Amazon and we for one, cannot wait!

As well as Google, we still believe Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure will be the major players in the Cloud game. Forrester believes that both companies will take the majority, with 76% of all Cloud revenue in 2018 and even grow this to 80% by 2020. With this prediction, it will be interesting to see what Oracle, IBM and Rackspace (to name a few) will pull out of the bag next year in an attempt to catch up with their main competitors.

Something that has been mentioned recently that we’re still waiting to see where it goes is the idea of Hybrid Cloud solutions. What we do know is that the whole idea of a hybrid solution is becoming a lot more popular as users and businesses are starting to find out that not all applications are best suited to the Cloud and that a physical local environment would be more suitable. Microsoft this year debuted its Azure stack which gives an Azure service within your own data centre. This is a definitely a path we believe most Cloud providers will take at some point which is why this is something you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on.

We’ve also found this year that Containers are slowly gaining in popularity against the use of Virtual machines. Due to their portability and size, they’re convenient when moving between an on premises environment and the Cloud. We expect there will yet again be an increase in the use of containers, with IBM, Azure and AWS all supporting the idea. Let us know below if you agree with our predictions, or if not, what you think is going to happen next year!

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