Venture 1 Consulting presents Venture 1 Talks!

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You may have seen over the last few months that we have been running webinars on topics such as ‘Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery’ and ‘Tips for a successful O365 Hybrid deployment’ in collaboration with a few of our Partners. After having a successful run, Venture 1 Consulting is now excited to bring to you:

Venture 1 Talks

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Venture 1 Talks is our new and improved way of interacting with our customers and audience by putting you first. We want to put you at the centre of this new initiative and bring you the knowledge and the skills that you want to hear from us in the IT world and display it in multiple formats for you to learn and enjoy. We have plenty of new and improved exciting ideas that we cannot wait to show! And…


We’d like to hear your suggestions!

We will be bringing polls, Q&A’s and surveys as often as we can on a wide range of different genres and topics. We’re excited to get going and cannot wait for you to join us.

Watch this space…