Common things you will want to know before using Windows 10 S

Within the last 2 months or so, you may have seen that Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 S to compete with Google Chromebooks within the education sector. Microsoft is hoping that this will allow it to completely takeover the education sector with its new streamlined operating system and here is our advice on what you will want to know about Windows 10 S before using it.

The main difference we have found with 10 S is that it has been locked into the Windows store. This means programmes downloaded from the web will not work. 10 S has been set up to refuse any software downloads unless it is from the Windows store. This locked in system is a level up on Windows 10 security and works well for the education sector. This locked in function cannot be switched off and is designed to be an extra layer of security.

As well as many difference, 10 S and 10 are also similar. They both share the same Windows 10 interface, which can be found on any other editions of Windows 10. Many users have described 10 S as a lite version of Windows 10, which it definitely isn’t. 10 S still has the ability to be able to run Win32 programs, but as stated earlier, these programs have to be available within the Windows store.

The Microsoft Office suite plays a big part within 10 S. With Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Excel 2016 and OneNote being pinned to the start menu it does offer great functionality and according to various sources, Microsoft is likely to include the rest of the suite as available for download from the Windows store too.

Also, if you find 10 S is not for you or you struggle with its limitations and find it hard to get used to, Microsoft has even added the option to allow users to be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for a modest fee from the Windows store as well.

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