The most common Enterprise security threats

No matter how big or small your business threats against your Enterprise security are more likely than ever before. Having a security breach costs businesses all over the UK millions of pounds in lost revenue every year and they must  be able to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. With a rise in enterispe security threats over the last few years, is your business safe from a security attack?


Internet Based attacks

As you’ll be aware, most businesses need the use of the internet and internet browsers to be able to complete their day-to-day workloads. As  browsers are the stepping-stone to almost all applications, browser Malware is now a much bigger threat and more common than ever due to the huge capacity and opportunities it has to get  on to your PC. Mimics of the most common web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Bing have been created by hackers to be able to steal user’s credentials and any other data they want to get their hands on via the internet. You should always remember to be careful and make sure your using a safe browser to strongly decrease the risk of an internet-based attack.


Attacks from the inside

Cases in which attacks from inside businesses have occurred are increasing more than ever. The more personal data we as users are keeping on our work devices increases the chance of someone using your device and finding your details and using them. This is particularly interesting asmore and more people are using their work device as a home leisure device as well. Make sure all your passwords are kept safe, regularly changed and that only you, the user knows them!


Documentation attacks

To many people’s  surprise, hackers have started to use well-known format applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe documents to distribute embedded malware. When the document opens, it then spreads the malware onto the device. Using the technique of ‘Spear-phishing’, hackers have cost large UK businesses billions of pounds in damages. Being able to identify a document attack is extremely difficult due to the way it is carried. You should always make sure you know where files you’re receiving in emails or downloading off the internet come from a reliable source and are safe!