Android Oreo: All you need to know

Android Oreo Image.png

Just over a year ago today, Android released its latest operating system, Nougat, with split screen mode and dozing features. With technology changing at a rapid pace and with only a year gone by, Android is now ready to release the latest version called Android Oreo.  To prepare you for the general release, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new operating system.

Now into its 8th version, Android has used the name Oreo to keep in trend with previous name usage, such as Nougat, Jelly Bean and Cupcake. One of Oreo’s biggest improvements is working on how battery life can be saved to last longer instead of simply working on a bigger one. Interestingly enough, Google has also worked on software that helps limit the activity of apps running in the background and working with location and background services to help your phone last longer. Google has also developed a new Picture-in-Picture mode, which is said to be very popular with developers and allows you to watch media files or YouTube videos whilst using other apps.

Google has also added 'Copyless' pasting, where your phone guesses what you want to copy in one app and makes it available to paste in another. For example, if you’re looking up a certain place on Chrome and then decide to open maps to see where it is, the keyboard will automatically suggest the place that you were already looking up in Chrome. Google has also brought in new audio codecs to enhance the sound quality of music played through headphones and speakers.

As developers are still working on Android Oreo, a release date for the public is yet to be announced. A developer preview is available to download, but we do not recommend using this and instead wait until the full version is available.