Integrating Office 365 with LinkedIn

LinkedIn365 Graphic.png

As you maybe aware, back in June last year Microsoft announced it had bought social media giants LinkedIn for more than $26 billion. Since then we haven’t really heard much about what Microsoft intends to do or change at LinkedIn, unitil now. Recently,  at the Ignite conference in Orlando Florida, Microsoft announced how LinkedIn and it’s social graphs can be integrated with other Microsoft products.

The first product to be intergrated with LinkedIn is Outlook. The company explained that you’ll be able to recieve emails from users and when you hover your mouse over their address, you will be able to see their “LinkedIn Card”. Users LinkedIn cards will show information such as what a person does, where they work and who they work for. As you may know, LinkedIn is usually very tight and secure on what information is available to other users. For this to work correctly, Microsoft will establish  connectivity between LinkedIn accounts and Microsoft accounts. Microsoft hasn’t yet officially released how this will happen, but we at Venture 1 are very interested in how it is going to achieve this.

So you’re probably wondering what are the advantages of having this ability? Well we believe this will increase and improve relationships with people both inside and outside of your business when it comes to communication being able to instant message someone anywhere, anytime and overall it opens up more options. With this being the first step Microsoft has taken with LinkedIn, we’re excited to know what they might do next! Let us know in the comments below what you think?

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