4 things you didn't know about AWS?

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As Cloud technology is developing and changing by the month, new and innovative Cloud options and providers are surfacing to challenge bigger competitors such as Microsoft. One provider that has really come into its own and is now one of the biggest Cloud providers out there is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Lauched In 2002, but turning customer facing in 2012, AWS now has more than 1 million active users in over 190 different countries. Here, we want to show and explain 4 Things you may not know about AWS?

It is often said by most Cloud users that they find the Cloud is much safer and more secure than running services within datacentres. One customer which has openly admitted its satisfaction at using AWS as a service is The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)! The CIA says that using the latest technology, AWS helps it complete tasks using a comprehensive set of tools that is available on AWS within the safe and secure enviroment that it needs.

In order to keep up with customer demands and constant technological development, AWS is always being updated and upgraded to ensure users are getting consistency and stability across the whole platform and it is precisely the way that AWS is set up like this that makes it such a popular option today. Users know they’re able to get a great service with outstanding support, which are 2 of he biggest factors when looking for a Cloud Provider.

It’s easy to understand that powering datacentres consumes a lot of energy and costs a lot of money. Back in 2016, AWS engineer James Hamilton spoke at the AWS reinvnet conference stating that by the end of 2017, 50% of its datacentres would be running on renewable and efficient energy. The long term goal is to have all its data centres running off renewable energy, although a date has not been set for when they hope to achieve this.

Each month the Cloud marketplace is getting bigger due to more and more users moving to the Cloud as well as  new Cloud providers being available with a variety of different options. Currently, AWS makes up approximately 27% of the market for Cloud Infrastructure as a service, compared to 7% for IBM and 10% for Microsoft.

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