The Effect of GDPR on Microsoft 365?

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You may know that since the end of May this year, businesses that are operating within the UK and Europe now have to follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that protects the manner in which businesses use and process personal data. With Microsoft being a tech leading organisation both inside and out of Europe, it must make sure it is complying and staying secure from data breaches, especially with software such as Office 365.

Most businesses would have now started looking into new privacy procedures to fall in line with the new European regulations, as fines for not complying are said to be as much as 4% of a company’s annual turnover. If you are using the combination of Office 365 with Azure services, this already shows that you’re half way there with complying to GDPR as the two together provide you with a service which meets the GDPR requirements. Core offers from Office 365 such as Office 365 auditing, Advanced Data governance and eDiscovery to name a few, are both services that help you control data that you store within office 365 and Azure.

Office 365 Data Governance allows you to take control of your own data by enabling users to migrate on-premises data, as well as data from outside Office 365 and still be able to comply with GDPR. eDiscovery on the other hand uses machine learning and text analytics to be able to reduce a business’s costs and challenges when it comes to sorting through massive amounts of  unstructured data. Finally, 365 auditing enables you to monitor and look through the history of what and where data has been, so it can understand whether data is valuable or not and protect it if need be.

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