Venture 1 Consulting Takes on Future Decoded 2017!

Future Decoded article Image.jpg

Yesterday, a few members of the Venture 1 Consulting team took a trip to the Excel Centre for the second day of the highly anticipated Microsoft Future Decoded event. With keynotes, breakout sessions and an expo in between with names such as Citirx, Adobe and Microsoft displaying their latest products, as well as many more innovative and exciting companies. This was an event surely not to miss!

The day kicked off with an opening, innovating Keynote presentation by a few of the Microsoft team, including Mark Russinovich who is one of the Chief Technology Officer’s for Azure. Mark spoke about the interesting, rising trends of the Cloud and what we can look forward to in the future with this exciting product! There was then a half an hour break in which we chose the time to refuel with complimentary teas and coffees supplied by Microsoft (thanks guys!).

The first breakout session we went to was on IoT (Internet of Things) and how you can use the Intelligent Edge within the real world. Senior technical evangelist Paul Foster from Microsoft was brilliant explaining and showing how and what a LoRaWAN is and its data rates and range. Paul also demonstrated a demo of IOT Edge V1 in action showing the analytics within the process.

After a nice lunch, it was then time to hit the expo itself. We came to the conclusion that this year’s Future Decoded was based around the Cloud and the direction that VR was heading outside of being a novelty. Microsoft, Lenovo and many more had demo VR kits on display for everyone to have a play with, which seemed to be a big hit with queues snaking round other stands. Of course with these type of events there were freebies and competitions all over the place. Popular prizes that most stands were giving away were either drones or Surface pro 2’s which we thought were pretty impressive!

Overall we had a great day stacking up on the latest news coming from the world of Cloud and learning a lot from the brilliant breakout sessions. A special appreciation has to go to Rackspace for the free pint of beer towards the end of the day and quite possibly the best freebie of the day..?